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Meet Caracal Engineering

Engineering-driven solar solutions

Ingenuity in collaboration

We tackle complex PV engineering challenges

Caracal Engineering delivers mechanical engineering, construction and product design services for commercial, industrial and utility scale photovoltaic projects in Africa and the Middle East. Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, we expertly design, build and install mounting structures for 200KWP-30MWP solar projects.

We’ve earned a reputation for working out complex PV engineering challenges. Maybe that’s because of the joy we get out of the process. For us, ingenuity happens when we collaborate. With you, and within our young, innovative team of engineers.

Every project we take on is a source of learning and improvement. You’ll never hear us say, “This is how it’s always been done,” but rather, “How can we do this better?”

Where function meets form

What makes us different?

We work in that sweet spot that is the interplay between design and engineering.

We’re an unusually engaged team. We believe in investing time and resources practically, to better the PV solutions we develop. We apply what we learn from a given context of geographical conditions, commercial constraints and product output. We use this knowledge to re-engineer the product. Continually. Until we have an installation that’s made precisely for its environment, delivers optimal output, and lasts for decades.

Doing it right the first time is the only warranty that counts

In an industry where we, like most players, offer a 25-year warranty, what happens if your service provider isn’t around in 25 years to uphold your warranty? We believe that precision-building using the market’s best materials results in durable, reliable solar installations - which means a lot more than a warranty. Quality is the only guarantee - we’ll defend that statement until the sun stops shining.

Quality material

Design thinking

Technology focused

Expert engineering

Robust construction

Context-specific designs

We’ve got the local edge

Our local South African team uses their understanding of unique environmental and political conditions.

We develop bespoke products locally too, giving us more control over the design and manufacture, and keeping costs efficient.

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Commercial Projects

Commercial projects, like malls, office parks, retailers etc. pose unique challenges that necessitate custom solutions from a mounting structure and mechanical construction perspective. Caracal and its partners work to tailor these solutions to deliver cost efficiency and longevity.

Industrial Projects

Industrial applications for Solar PV, like mines, warehouses, logistics, heavy manufacturing, airport facilities, are growing as industry looks to decarbonise and secure electricity provision to their operations. Caracal understands these requirements and is well placed to provide rooftop, ground-mounted, carport and other designed-for-purpose industrial-scale mounting structures and the associated construction.

Small/Medium Utility Projects

Solar PV on a utility scale comes in many forms, from the mega-scale to the small. Caracal fulfils the small to medium scale (1-35MWp) applications. We innovate to build ground-mounted, fixed-tilt and single-axis tracker applications.