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Solar Products

We develop and install unique products for unique conditions

At Caracal Engineering, we develop and install unique products for unique conditions. Our on-the-ground engineers come face to face with the complex realities and needs of every project. They’re ideally positioned to custom design and install products that cater to these needs.

Custom-engineered and installed


Through extensive work on carport solar solutions, we’ve gained rich custom-engineering and installation experience. We’re confident that our carport solutions optimally meet our clients’ needs and budgets. From our all-aluminium cantilever solution to our all-steel 4 post system, we’ve got you covered.

Adaptable designs

Fixed-tilt and ballasted ground mounted systems

We’re proud of our ability to amend designs to suit every client, budget and context. We offer and install 2 in portrait, 3 in portrait, 4 in portrait, and 4- 8 in landscape systems. We stay current with technology changes such as bifacial PV panels and incorporate these into our designs.

Site-specific solutions

Bespoke solar products

Developing bespoke site-specific solar products and systems is what we do best. Well versed in installations, our engineers often see where existing solar products can be improved. This drives us to enhance the designs of standard market products, taking them to the next level.

Other solar products

We only partner with solar experts who share our ambition to build enduring solar solutions through expert engineering. We install and custom build mounting structures for the following systems:

Rooftop mounting

Single axis trackers