International experience, local edge

Long-lasting, quality solar solutions

Caracal Engineering delivers considered commercial, industrial and utility-scale solar projects. Well-versed in complexity, our structural engineers design, and our construction crews install and build full mechanical solutions for rooftop, carport, floating, fixed-tilt and tracking PV mounting challenges.

We have international experience and local edge. Based in Johannesburg, we have a sound understanding of how to navigate the environmental, regulatory and political conditions unique to South Africa, Subsaharan Africa and the Middle East.

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Mechanical Engineering

Our in-house engineers design each structure and we, Caracal Engineering, install it ourselves, so we get immediate feedback on its efficacy and can refine the design, as needed.

Product Design & Manufacturing

At Caracal Engineering, we develop and install unique products for unique conditions. Our on-the-ground engineers come face to face with the complex realities and needs of every project.

Solar Construction

As our experience keeps showing us, the circumstances of every solar project pose unique installation or construction challenges. Whether you need a bespoke or simple solution, we deliver a quality, high performing structure that will last.

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Assess. Design. Develop. Construct.

See our Solar Solutions in Action

We engineer, custom build and refine solutions to best suit your site conditions and commercial considerations, increasing the output and lifespan of your PV products.

If you’re after a long-lasting, quality solar solution built for the specific realities of your project, we’re your team.

Expert mechanical engineering and the quality of inputs are CRITICAL to the success of any solar project. Do you want to ensure your solar project still functions in 10 years time? The best warranty you can get is investing in quality upfront. End of story.

Nathan Venter CEO of Caracal Engineering