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Caracal Engineering Project

Flora Clinic

Project Problem

Caracal has a fondness for carports given our history of involvement with them. So, when asked to look at interesting new projects in this space, we relish the challenge.


  • The fall of the site was probably the most significant we have seen on a site looking to implement carports. This challenge made our lives complicated, especially given the site was falling both East-West and North-South.
  • Severe space limitations and constant use of the parking lot meant we were afforded very narrow passages of workspace. This had major implications in lining everything up so there was a flow across the site.

Project Solution

Well, we measured. A lot. We measured the site’s topography and then overlaid the foundation positions on the CAD drawings to determine the relative heights. What became clear quite early is we would need to terrace the carports. Keeping a single consistent line would have made the table heights on the low ends too high and imposing.

To deal with the fall, we had to build up the foundations and increase the plinth heights. To make this process faster and more consistent we designed and manufactured a mould. This mould meant we didn’t interfere with the precast foundation blocks, so we were able to maintain the aesthetic throughout. It also sped up the implementation of the blocks.

The project took a great deal time to implement due to the space limitations. We worked wherever possible, to accommodate the hospital to insure installation did not affect their operations.